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526  General Category / All Things Lincoln Assassination / Re: Prime Source, Hear-say, or worse? on: November 15, 2010, 09:10:37 PM

Someone asked the same question on another forum.  I thought that this was a good answer to the question...  What is a prime or primary source? 

A.  A primary or prime source (also called original source) is a document, recording or other source of information such as a paper or a picture for instance,
that was created at the time being studied, by an authoritative source, usually one with direct personal knowledge of the events being descibed.  It serves
as an original source of information on the topic.  Primary sources are distinguished from secondary sources, which often cite, comment on, or build upon
primary sources. 

Better keep "The Evidence" handy.   Grin

527  General Category / All Things Lincoln Assassination / Re: Questions about Joseph Cantor and Franklin Robey on: November 12, 2010, 10:28:51 PM
Uh, pickled feet, intestines and bladderball headcheese?  Excuse me for a moment while I return my bowl of ice cream to the freezer and grab some Tums.
Laurie, the obituary entitled "The Last Survivor" is what led me to this gravesite.

  "...the death of Mr. Franklin Robey removes the last of those who befriended John Wilkes Booth and aided him to cross the Potomac during his flight from Washington
  after the assassination of Lincoln.  Dr. Samuel A. Mudd, Colonel Samuel Cox and Mr. Thomas A. Jones were intimately concerned in Booth's escape and have all been
  laid to rest.  Robey was then overseer for Col. Cox [at Rich Hill] and guided Booth and Herold from the latter's [Cox's] house to the place of concealment in the woods.
  During the days of hiding [April 16-21] the horses [of the fugitives] became restive and the fear that their neighing might bring about the discovery led to the decision
  to kill them.  Mr. Robey knew of the location of certain quicksands and to these he and Herold rode the horses and shot them as they sank, bridled and saddled.  A
  martingale ring was broken off in the passage through the undergrowth and this ring Mr. Robey kept for a long time.  Robey died at "Waverly" the 18th of Dec.1896 of
  typhoid fever at 65 years of age...A successful farmer, highly respected and good citizen, he was buried in the cemetery of the Methodist Church at Newton in Charles

528  General Category / All Things Lincoln Assassination / Re: Questions about Joseph Cantor and Franklin Robey on: November 12, 2010, 08:27:41 PM
Thanks Laurie,  your tip puts me a bit closer to the location.  I'm trying to get the coordinates for Dave and It looks like I can get a little closer than Cracklingtown Rd.
You are right about Gallant Green near the IWL, so I'll look for the farm the next time I go by.

During the summer, I met the gentleman in the "new house beside the tiny thicket".  (My God Woman! Is there a place you haven't been!)
Anyway, he was nice enough to show me the graves that he was aware of.  The graves with large stone carvings over them were completely covered by soil and growth. No Franklin Robey among those he pointed out.   We gently took a brush and some water over one of the stones and wouldn't ya know, Laurie wins another
keychain.  Here ya go.

I think I need to talk to the guy in the new house about another trip into the graveyard.    
529  General Category / All Things Lincoln Assassination / Questions about Joseph Cantor and Franklin Robey on: November 12, 2010, 03:57:59 PM
I'm trying to locate the home where Joseph Cantor lived, and i'm not having much luck.  It's somewhere near Cracklingtown Rd. in Hughesville.
Does anyone know if the house is still standing or where it may have been located.

I'm also still searching for the grave of Franklin Robey without success.  Any thoughts?
530  General Category / All Things Lincoln Assassination / Re: Booth Escape Route on: October 25, 2010, 01:33:41 PM
Sorry, I deleted part of the post. Eleanora Bowling Kane, of Towson, a descendant of Bryantown residents of of that period, tells the story of
her Confederate grandfather, Aloysius.  Laurie, I'll try to get a copy for you.   Smiley   
531  General Category / All Things Lincoln Assassination / Re: Booth Escape Route on: October 25, 2010, 11:06:17 AM
 As your trusty guide and student, i'm always ready to tour.  Time for your roadtrip.   ; 

 I remember reading about St. Mary's being used for clandestine activity, but I couldn't find the statement until your post about the
bicentennial edition.  Look on Pg. 66 under the chapter on Bryantown.  Near the end of the chapter, on pg. 77 is a comment on one

The Civil war created divided sympathies in Bryantown as in other parts of the country, but Southern Maryland was considered enemy
territory by Union soldiers.  Eleanora Bowling Kane, a descendant of Aloysius Bowling, entrusted with secret papers, hid from the Union
soldiers in the St. Mary's Church belfry by straddling the beams. From his lofty perch he viewed the Union men fruitlessly searching for him in
the church and on the grounds. 

Since Dr. Mudd was part of these activities, what could be more discreet for him than having a nice little chat with friends (Booth) before or
after Mass.   Just my poinion.

Here's a tidbit in the book.  Members of the Mudd and Bowling were business partners, operating a store in Bryantown for many years. 
532  General Category / All Things Lincoln Assassination / Re: "Twenty Days" on: October 22, 2010, 07:04:27 PM
I will always value your opinion on any subject concerning the assassination.  Thanks for your input on this post as well.  Because the photos are of such poor
quality, the most I was hoping for was to show some of the very slight similarities between the men in question.  You're right, why would any of them except
Booth want be at the inaugural. They weren't exactly part of the fanclub. It's a tough call, but something was going on at the time of the inauguration.  

Col Foster's report concerning Louis J. Wiechmann. (The Evidence pg. 1322)

                                                                    ..on one occasion a witness says about the time of the inauguration
                                                                     he (Wiechmann) spoke in relation to a plot which he thought was to
                                                                     assasinate all of the officers.

Excrerpt from testimony of Louis J. Wiechmann;

                                                                     Friday evening she(Mrs. Surratt) chased the young ladies and myself upstairs
                                                                       to our room and remained alone in the parlor. Some six or eight weeks before,
                                                                       when accompanying her to church, I asked her why John brought such fellows as
                                                                       Atzerodt & Herold to the house and associated with them. She said John wished
                                                                       to make use of them.
533  General Category / All Things Lincoln Assassination / Re: "Twenty Days" on: October 22, 2010, 03:35:58 PM
....maybe   .... maybe not....  Undecided    



                                                                                                                                       TwentyDays vs. later photo of Dr. Mudd
534  General Category / All Things Lincoln Assassination / Re: "Twenty Days" on: October 22, 2010, 10:42:20 AM
I'll end my conspiracy theory for the day with the other person dressed in uniform to the right of center of both pictures. In the Days pic, the soldier is standing with a fixed bayonet, a bright beam just beneath the tip.  In the next photo, the soldier has put down the weapon and seems to be attending to a person sitting with their head fallen forward, as if incapacitated. He is wearing a coat that is very similar to the one worn by the man behind him.  The soldier in the Twenty Days photo is looking directly over his shoulder and in the next photo (in high resolution) appears to be calling out to the man in the lower right corner.

535  General Category / All Things Lincoln Assassination / Re: "Twenty Days" on: October 22, 2010, 10:07:27 AM
In my opinion, the Kunhardts correctly identified Davy "chippy cheeks" Herold.  Grin

"He has been in the habit of being home during the present year. Sometimes he would be away over a week visiting in Maryland. During the month of March he has been away visiting quite often, nearly always at home as late as March. During March I don't think he would be gone more than one day at a time. He sold his horse six weeks ago. He had it nearly a year."
                                                                                                                           Jane E. Herold
                                                                                                                           April 20, 1865

question; Why would Herold sell his horse around the time of the inauguration?  Roll Eyes
536  General Category / All Things Lincoln Assassination / Re: "Twenty Days" on: October 22, 2010, 09:43:11 AM
Gutman photos.

                                John Wilkes Booth?         (Photo from a post by Dave Taylor)
537  General Category / All Things Lincoln Assassination / Re: "Twenty Days" on: October 22, 2010, 09:30:39 AM
Dave, I'll post the Gutman photos that you made for another post. Nice copies btw!

The Kunhardts claim that this is George Atzerodt.  

IMO, the man standing next to him looks more like Atzerodt.
Twenty Days photo vs. LOC photo of George Arzerodt.
Twenty Days photo vs. Atzerodt on the gallows.
Close up.

538  General Category / All Things Lincoln Assassination / Re: Trivia on: October 22, 2010, 07:15:38 AM
William Rollins ferry at Port Conway.
539  General Category / All Things Lincoln Assassination / Re: "Twenty Days" on: October 21, 2010, 06:14:24 PM
Maybe he borrowed one of Wiechmann's uniforms.  Either way, based on this testimony, I think we might agree that Booth and Surratt were there for the inauguration.        

Testimony of Louis Wiechmann;

Q. Can you tell what occurred on the 3rd of March, 1865, whether you saw Surratt or Booth?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Where?
A. I went down the street with Surratt in the evening that day. At that time there was a good deal of serenading around town on account of the proposed inauguration for the President on the following day. After a while Surratt left me, and I went to hear the music.
Q. Whom did you first go out with?
A. John Surratt.
Q. Did anybody join you?
Q. Was there anybody else with you when you first went out?
A. No, sir.
Q. You came back together?
A. No, sir; we did not come back together; Surratt left me.
Q. Wher did he leave you?
A. On Penn. Ave., near Eighth street.
Q. Then what occurred?
A. When I returned to the house of Mrs. Surratt I saw John Wilkes Booth and John Surratt in the parlor talking together.
Q. About what time did you return?
A. After 7 (PM)
Q. Then what occurred?
A. Then I proposed that we should walk up to the Capitol. Congress was in session. Three of us did go- Surratt , Booth and myself. When we were returning from the      Capitol, Surratt and I left Booth at the corner of 6th & Penn. Ave.
Q. What did Surratt then do?
A. We went home.
Q. Did you see Booth again that night?
A. No.sir.
Q. And after you and Surratt got home, what?
A. Nothing.
Q. Did you see Booth the next morning, the 4th of March?
A. I saw him on the evening of the 4th, at Mrs. Surratt's. I didn't see him during the day.
Q. Was John Surratt home that evening?
Q. Yes, sir, he had been riding around town all day with the procession; he was on horseback.

March 1, 1865.
The inauguration must take place. There are no means of reaching him before. The best laid scheme seems blocked on every side. But the opportunity will come yet.

March 2nd
Have arranged all our plans, and secured the required assistance. They all seem ready to do anything to secure success. I don't think that young fellow Herold has much
courage; but then, he may be made of use by-and-by. The risk is great but the reward greater. We have all we want for the work- everything except for the opportunity.

March 3rd
Too closely surrounded by his friends. No chance before the inauguration. The city is full, and all the office seekers are buzzing around him like so many bees. Can't yet be done.

March 4th
The inauguration is over, and nothing done yet. My hopes and prospects rest solely on this attempt, and should it fail, I am ruined forever.

                                                                                                            The Private Journal of John H. Surratt

Comparison photos of John Surratt. LOC vs. Papal Guard uniform.

note; Lew Powell was identified in Federal uniform by Maggie Branson. " He said he wanted to cross the lines"  ( The Evidence pg. 197)
Although no evidence exists to confirm it, John Surratt may have used a Federal uniform in his "line crossing" and clandestine activities as a confederate courier.

Col. J. L. McPhail
Pro. Mar. Gen.
War Dept.
Washington City, DC
April 24th 1865
Hon. E. M. Stanton
Sec. of War
            A man named Harbourn living near Piscataway, Prince Georges County, Md. ; now stopping with some relations near Bryantown, Charles County , Md. ,
       name not recollected, was associated with Surratt in blockade-running, and was seen with Surratt in Port Tobacco in February or March.

                       J.L. McPhail

540  General Category / All Things Lincoln Assassination / Re: "Twenty Days" on: October 21, 2010, 05:38:19 PM
On top is the damaged photograph shown in Twenty Days. At bottom is a LOC photo in high resolution taken just seconds after. This person wasn't visible in the
Kunhardt's photo (top) but is visible in the high res. photo. Did he have a beard, or is it just a shadow?

                                                                                                                                                      Did Spangler have a beard or is it just a shadow?

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