The Ladyfirends of JWB


rich smyth:
There is substantial information on some of JWB's many lady friends; Lucy Hale, Effie Germon, Helen Western & Isabel Sumner. But, little on others:
- Ellen Starr, prostitute and favorite of Booth who tried to kill herself after his death.
- Henrietta Irving, when acting with Booth in Rochester became jealous and slashed his face.
- Alice Grey, was still reported performing on stage in NYC in 1906.
- Fanny Brown, another actress who wed circus performer William Carlo before moving out west.

Does anyone have any additional information about what may have become of these ladies? Thanks.

wild bill:
Probably will not interest the historians in the group, but Diana Rubino has a paranormal novel coming out centered on Alice Grey and Booth called A Necessary End.


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