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Rock Toews:
Thought this was an interesting eBay listing--inscribed copy of Gen. John A. Logan's "The Great Conspiracy":

The book came from the collection of the Madison County Historical Society (hopefully legitimately). But notice who presented it to them. It is conceivable that the middle initial is "G" rather than "C" as the seller believes. Could this book have been owned by the "Dark Union" operative who didn't exist? Or is Andrew Potter just a rather common name? I tend to side with Ed Steers concerning Andrew Giles Potter, but still did a double-take when I ran across this auction.

However, I thought Potter was a Major and not a Col.?

Also, the middle initial DOES look like a "G", as the"C" on Col. looks like a "C"
I can't make sense on the last word, anybody help?

Rock Toews:
I'm reading the last bit as "Oneida, NY."

You sir, are correct! I couldn't make out Oneida.
thanks Rock.

Steven G. Miller:
The central character of the DARK UNION/THE LINCOLN CONSPIRACY was National Detective Police agent Andrew Giles Potter. It is claimed that he held the rank of Major. This book is inscribed a Col. A. C. Potter of Oneida, NY.


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