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Author Topic: Kudo's to Joe Gleason!  (Read 2736 times)
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Something tells me that those folks will be here sooner or later.  That Fort Zachia...uh well.. I know nuttin!  Four pieces of iron have managed to keep me busy
for nearly two years.  Finding a few referances to the horses after reading hundreds of trial transcripts can be trying.  I did find something else about Herold's
horse.  John Fletcher testified that the horse he wanted was a lady's saddle horse and he wanted english iron stirrups. (ladies stirrups).  Why ?  He also asked for
a double reined bridle with two bits on it. The stirrup that the farmer picked up in the Zachia Swamp below Rich Hill is a lady's english iron stirrup from a lady's saddle   
horse.  The pieces of bridle came from a double reined bridle with two bits on it .  Hmmm.  Laurie , That's about as much as I can find , at least I can tell the "old
fella" that what he found was exactly what Herold ordered for his horse as far accoutrements were concerned.  Thanks for all of your help. Smiley
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