rich smyth:
Hello, looking for assistance. The night Lincoln was shot there were 5 flags decorating the box. The “Lincoln Flag” is on display at the Pike County Historical Society in Milford, PA (my home). The Treasury Guard “National” flag in the collection of the Connecticut Historical Society – Hartford, CT. The Treasury Guard “Regimental” flag is at the Lincoln Museum – Fords Theatre. The 13-Star American Flag was at the Lincoln Library and Museum – Fort Wayne, Ind. until that facilities closing when the entire collection was moved to the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis.

The last flag is MIA. It is a 34-star (2 stars hand-sewn in the field) American Flag borrowed by Fords property manager, James Maddox from Blanchard & Moran (a local business). After the assassination W.B. Blanchard retrieved his flag. It was then given to his wife’s nephew, James K. Moore. In 1895 the flag passed to William C. Scheide of Hartford, CT and then at an unknown time to his cousin, Virginia Moore Vail who lived in California. I believe James Moore and Scheide were related.
I am trying to find out what became of this 5th and missing flag. Any info would be appreciated.


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