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What does anyone know about William Burtles (Bertles)? Is there any documented interview/interrogation of him? Was he held in DC with other persons of interest?

I don't know if Burtles served any time or was questioned by the authorities, but in Oswell Swann's testimony, he was mentioned, so the authorities certainly knew about him or his name.

Booth was already dead by the time Swann was questioned and the authorities certainly were not rounding up other people who "aided" Booth during his escape, with the exception of course of Dr. Mudd.

Randall: I'm a bit puzzled by your last sentence. It seems the government were rounding any one who might have abetted Herold and Booth. Right off, I think of Lloyd, Cox, Jones, Quesenberry, Stuart, and Jett. There were many more, including the two you mention, Mudd and Swann.

What I meant was, (and should have worded it better) was Mudd was the only one charged as a conspirator, but also aiding and abetting. Mrs. Quesenberry and other's were not. Herold was charged as a conspirator.

At least that is what I get out of it. I have always wondered why Willie Jett, the Garrett's, etc. were not charged with aiding and abetting also.

Rob Wick:

Regarding the Garretts, I think any lawyer could have made a strong case for them not knowing who Booth and Herold were. Remember, they had no idea that Lincoln had been assassinated until the day before Booth showed up. Plus, when the Garrett farm patrol arrived, both Booth and Herold were locked in the barn. You don't lock someone up that you're trying to help.

The case for some of the others is a bit murkier. I think Thomas Jones should have swung at the end of a rope just like Herold, Paine, Surratt and Atzerodt. After all, if he hadn't helped them, most likely Booth and Herold would have been captured sooner. Jett, I think, probably would have been exonerated, especially since he broke down and confessed to Conger where Booth had been left. He didn't hunt Booth down and then try to help him. He was presented with Booth and made his choice then.



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