William Burtles

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I thought the Garrett's locked the barn on Booth and Herold so they WOULD'NT steal their horse's during the night because they wanted them out of their house that evening?
However, a case against the Garrett's could be made for aiding and abetting the 2 conspirators.
I'm not saying the Garrett's knew that Booth was the assassin (when he was alive) but they did discuss the assassination with him. (Booth)

Rob Wick:
Well sure, they did so because they were afraid that the horses would be stolen, but what piqued their suspicion was Booth's reaction to federal troops riding by. They had no idea who Booth was and I would argue that even at that point they still didn't know he was Lincoln's assassin, only that federal troops were looking for him.  Their discussion revolved around the reward offered for Booth's capture. William Garrett said he hoped that the assassin would come by because he could use the money offered by the War Department. Booth asked him if he would betray the assassin for that amount. "He better not tempt me, because I haven't a dollar in the world," William replied.

As I said before, if a person sought Booth out and offered to help him, that person could be considered an accomplice. If, however, Booth appeared on your doorstep and those who brought him lied as to his identity, a pretty strong case could be made that you weren't really an accomplice. Locking him in the barn, regardless for whatever reason, kept Booth from escaping.


Did you think Dr. Mudd was an accomplice?

I am posting this for Laurie Verge who is having trouble logging in.

Burtles was an average Southern Maryland farmer who was known to give aid to Confederates during the war.  I have always suspected that Dr. Mudd is the one who clued Booth and Herold into locating him for help.  However, they never did go to Burtles - changing their minds and asking Swann to take them to Cox instead.


I see no reason for Burtles to have been taken into custody or questioned since he was apparently out of the loop until Swann stated that the fugitives wanted to go to him first, but didn't go.  If the federals had arrested every person in Southern Maryland who might have given Booth assistance if called upon, there would not have been enough jails to house them!

I think that many of us agree that a lot of the people were unjustly taken into custody. But it would seem, that once his name was mentioned by Swann, someone would have gone to have a chat with Burtles. Perhaps someone who was investigating what Mudd might have been up to on the afternoon of the 15th.


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