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John Stanton
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« on: October 21, 2011, 04:03:14 PM »

There is a shop in my neighborhood, that sells out Estates. I saw over 200 books on sale. Mostly Civil war, rest WWII. I'll list a few, to see if anyone is interested.
1.     'A TREASURY OF CIVIL WAR STORIES, Edited by Martin Greenberg. Dust cover excellent  $8.00
2.      LEES LIEUTENANTS.  Three Vols, Good shape $45.00
3.      LINCOLN'S WAR CABINET Burton Hendrick, Cover warn   $8.00
4.      WASHUBGTON AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURY, eddit, by Frank Oppel  $12.00
5.      THE DAY LINCOLN WAS SHOT, Bishop,  $10.00
6.      3 great Novels of the c.w. KiILLER  ANGLES, ANDERSONVILLE, THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE  No price found
7.      THE SOUTHENER < Thomas Dixon (1913)  $8.00
8.      PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY OF THE c. w,  (A huge book) Dust Cover $22.00
9.      THE FLAGS OF THE CONFEDERACY,  Devereaux d. Cannon, Jr.  $10.00
10.     PORTRAIT OF THE C. W. Wm. C. Davis   $8.00
11.     ANDERSONVILLE, McKinley Kanter (worn cover)   $6.00
12.     GREAT BATTLES OFTHE CONFEDERACY , Swafford  Johnson.  8"X14"x 2'' thick  $10.00

Roger Norton
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2011, 12:30:21 PM »

Today I was contacted by a gentleman who asked me if I wanted to buy some of his books. He is in the process of divesting himself of his library which contains many assassination books. My wife and I are living on a very fixed income, and I told him my book-buying days are basically over. But I mentioned this site, and I told him I would be glad to post his information here.  He is eventually going to put everything on eBay but it's going here first.

The gentleman's name is Cliff Roberts and his business e-mail is

Please feel free to contact him about any titles; I have no idea on prices.

Besides the two pictures he sent me I am also including some of the information in the e-mail I received from Cliff:

"There are many titles pertaining specifically to the Lincoln assassination - some quite rare or scarce - most in very good to excellent condition for their age, except where noted.  I've attached a photo showing some of the assassination titles (many more in another bookcase) and another photo of some general Lincoln books.  Flat material, including pamphlets, magazines, period newspapers, etc. are kept in drawers or closets.  Please take a look at the photos and see if there's anything that interests you.  

One of the first items I'm going to list is the Gutman book John Wilkes Booth Himself which seems to be hard to find, and another scarce item, the T. B. Peterson version of Trial of the Assassins and Conspirators, considered by most to be a more complete and accurate transcript of the trial than the Pitman version.  The Gutman book is in excellent condition, and I would describe the Peterson volume as in very good condition.  I have photos that I can send you.
Let me know if you see anything you might be interested in - or if there is any title you're looking for that you don't see in the photos.  I have many volumes in several bookcases - duplicates and otherwise.  And flat material as well.  Just occurs to me, I purchased several copies of Mike Kauffman's original articles on the assassination which appeared in two parts in back-to-back issues of Blue and Gray magazine back in the 1990's.  Both issues are heavily illustrated with period photos, and as I recall, it's the first publication of the Mary Surratt photo that Mike discovered somewhere."


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