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Author Topic: Booth's layovers  (Read 7379 times)
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I probably am all wet here, but I thought that what became the New York Central went up the east bank of the Hudson River to Albany. If so, Newburgh is on the other side of the river. The operative station would be Poughkeepsie. But Booth either tried to meet Coxe or he did, I said he did in Last Confed Heroes, in one of these stations. I cannot remember after 10 years what source I was using, chapter notes like I used leave a lot to be desired for actual tidbits of info. Footnotes work better, but distract the reader, which was my main concern in choosing the chapter notes format. Now that I think of it, Poughkeepsie was Coxes dwelling place (or that of relatives?) so maybe he did go down to Newburgh.
But Booth did make an effort to contact Coxe, successful or not. Oh, well, speculation is the death of many a historian and I got one foot in the grave and the other on a wet banana peel. I am willing to go with Tidwell on this like most things.
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