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Gene C:
Thanks Roger.  The information about Parker ties in nicely with the Sunday Survey.

As a newbie, I appreciate your knowledge, resources, and your replies to questions.  You are truely a scholar and a gentleman.  Everyone (with one exception and he's gone) has been very pollite and respectfull
of each other, even if we have an opinion that is a little "different" or just plain uninformed.  I am in awe of the knowledge that many of you have and appreciate the opportunity to learn, ask questions, and participate in discussions.  Thanks to all of you for making this possible.

rich smyth:
Laurie, an interesting aside about Lincoln contracting smallpox at Gettysburg. His case was minor but he gave it to his "little known" black servant, William Johnson. William succumbed to the illness and died shortly after. Lincoln paid for his burial in Arlington and on his stone it reads "William H. Johnson - Citizen.


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