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Author Topic: Ballad of Bobble Head Booth  (Read 349 times)
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Ballad of Bobble Head Booth

Bang went Bobble Head Booth
A bullet to the brain of the blessed and beloved benefactor

But bounding over the balcony balustrade, Booth bounced, breaking a bone
Behind Booth left the bleeding, broken hearted and bereaved
Barbaric behavior you bedlamite!

A balmy breeze blew and
 Beyond the bridge, a bright beginning
  behind the bewildered, the befuddled and bedlam

A Bandbox to brace the broken bone for the bearded boarder
Booth's boot.  Left behind, a burden to his benefactor

But the bluecoats were baffled

A bed in the backcountry for Booth?
Billet in the bottom land and backwater?
Bobble Head Booth brooded.  A bitter blow to this braggart

Bunk in a barn?
A bedraggled Booth bemoaned bitterly

But soon besieged by the bluecoat brigade
Betrayed by a blockhead,
"Be gone", Booth berated

With a baleful, back word glance, he balked
Booth's bearing was belligerant
Beware the bullet from behind by Boston in this burning barn

Bang!  It is best.

The more you know, the more you think the less you know, because you know that you don't know.  The less you know the more you think the more you know, because you don't know that you don't know. 
 (Not bad for an old dog)
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