Peterson House - White House Body Bearers

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     The theater that was the church burned in 1862. It was rebuilt as a theater. I think there may be something to the stigma thing, as I recall hearing that Peter Taltuval yelled out - "Don't bring him in here."

     When Ford turned the church into Ford's Athenaeum, a church member prophesied that no good would come of such evil use. Not too far off the mark, considering the fire, assassination and collapse.

Gene C:
Dr Leale and Dr. Taft made the decision to move President Lincoln out of the theater.  Dr. Leale was only 23 at the time.

J Madonna:
I know they made the decision to move Lincoln out of the box, which made sense. But did they give the stretcher bearers an ultimate destination? I'm not sure that the record is clear.

I think the stretcher bearers probably found themselves going down the stairs and out the door on their own.

Anyone who knows more, feel free to enlighten me. 


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