What if Boston Corbett had not fatally shot Booth?

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I know most members here are more well read on the subject of the assassination, but I have been wondering lately as to how much information could have possibly been revealed had Corbett just shot Booth somewhere from the waist down.

I know Corbett repeatedly asked to go in the barn and "challenge" Booth himself and each time was denied.

I have not personally read any of the court transcripts, so please excuse what may be silly questions.  But did Corbett testify as to exactly why he aimed as high on Booth as he did?  Surely the thought had to run through his mind that when he felt that Booth was preparing to fire, that he should just aim low to just take Booth down with a non fatal shot.

Not sure how much info Booth would have shared if captured alive and taken back to Washington, so it might not really have mattered.

Just a thought that has been running through my mind lately and was curious as to others opinions and thoughts on the subject.

I think if Booth was taken alive back to Washington he would have squealed like a pig and ratted everyone out. (he earlier thought he was going to be a hero but with Thomas Jones brought him the news accounts, he saw that people from both sides were horrified) I think he thought if he "pulled it off" successfully and made his escape, he's crow about it from Mexico or Europe, however, if he was caught alive, he'd snitch.
But what do I know? I'm jes' a snake wrangler ;)

     What Randal said. I've often wondered what he meant by being "abandoned". By the Confederate operatives that promised him ??. This would have been a good Sunday Survey question.

Good point, but I don't think there would have been a Jack Ruby in this particular case. Times were different then, lawlessness (is that a word?) was more prevalent then. (Criminal Codes weren't as broad and many, as today). Code of retribution was "eye for an eye", shootings and hangings were common amongst people. IMO.

Your banking on Ruby's defense that he was saving Mrs. Kennedy the trauma of a trial, (where she would be called as a prosecution witness), but that tactic didn't work for Ruby, and I don't beleive it would work for some prison guard or attendant back then.

However, you make a very valid assumption.


What would he have done if taken alive?  To me, it would depend on how frustrated he had become with the Virginians that he had encountered.  Was he frustrated enough to lump all Southerners together and squeal on anyone who had been involved from the CSA?  I don't think so at first. 

     I think Booth was pretty frustrated, Laurie. When he wrote of the "cold hand" that was extended him and the only wrong he saw was "serving a degenerate people", I think he was talking about the Southerners. Am I mistaken? I think he was so disappointed and dejected on his run, that by the end, as usual, the only thing that would have mattered to him was his own hide and reputation.   


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