What if Boston Corbett had not fatally shot Booth?

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I think you had better run to Wally-World, and buy a case of ButtCreme 

     I will never bring this subject up again. You have my solemn vow on that.

What subject? ::)

After several emails, etc., I want to clarify something.

I am not mad or upset at anyone who posted on this thread, by any means.
People are passionate about their "views and opinions", and act accordingly.
I think Rick Smith knows this about me, as does Bill Richter, and anyone else who chimed in regarding "who" killed Booth at Locust Hill Farm. I am just of the opinion that Corbett shot Booth. Other "takes" on this scenario is interesting.
Was it possible that Booth committed suicide?        Sure.
I'm just not convinced of the "evidence".
Doesn't mean I'm right.
This is what makes this site I started interesting, as we can express our opinion on any given subject. Sure, sometimes it get's a little hot in here, but I try my best to express my thoughts and sometimes I fail, but I never, and I mean never, try to make it personal, though sometimes it might seem that way, so I apologize to anyone I offended or upset, for my comments or posts.

And I thank God this thread wasn't a Sunday Night Survey! This would be off-the-charts! :D

Rick Smith:

Of course I know this about you.

Regardless of all the upset, I am at your disposal should you need help on any future project.  The Smoot book was a real pleasure to work on.

And although he does not need my help, same goes for Steve, in case he ever should.

It takes too much effort to be at odds and hold grudges.

There is no stock in it.



Steven G. Miller:
Oh, Rick,

I don't think I know anyone who looks as good as you do in Sepia tones. Even that charming rogue, Wild Bill, comes in second to your handsomeness.

Steve, the pie man


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