Col. L.C. Baker

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Joe Gleason:
Let me know if you need something. Although seriously time consuming, I'm kinda making a hobby out of reading the rolls.  ;D

Been there, done that myself.
I'll be up there in the middle of July for a week, and plan on going to the NARA for a day

wild bill:
I assume that you have done all of this, but read the footnotes to C. Wyatt Evans, "Lafayette Baker and Civil War Security in the North," North and South, 11 (No. 1, September 2008), 44-52. He calls RG 105, NARA, the Baker Papers, but there is stuff scattered all over the place in NARA, RG 94 among others. The other place is any footnotes to Jacob Mogelever, Death to Traitors (New York, 1960). Depending on how much you want from Baker, you will sooner or later wind up going into the  Neff / Gutteridge materials at Indiana State Univ, OMG, no matter what others may think of the collection. There is also a William C. Davis collection in the James O Hall Library at the Surratt House Museum relevant to Neff et al. Ask Laurie for its correct file name and how to get permission to use it. It will give you some idea how historians argue--as if you do not know that already on other matters! For just Baker and Herold, much of this will probably prove irrelevant, but who knows?

Gene C:

I've never looked at the Neff collection, except for what's on line.  Have you viewed them?  Are they worth the look? 

wild bill:
According to Joan Chaconas and Ed Steers who wrote an article on the collection, no. (The article is in N & S magazine, but I do not have the citation readily available). There are some items worth the look and lot not. I believe that you can google the ISU library and get a listing and even read part of it on the web. One has to be careful.


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