"Mary" from an A Hole

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Dave Taylor:

This photograph of "Mary Surratt" is in the Harvard Fine Arts Library.  It was taken by an "A. Hohle" in New York.  ;)

She bears some likeness to Mary, and is much better than the other fake Mary that we've all seen:

Gene C:
If the second photograph was supposed to be "our" Mrs. Surratt, then the photographer spelled "Mrs Horse Face" name wrong.


 (thanks for sharing the photo's Dave, I had never seen Mrs "Hose Faced" Surat)  - that was funny Betty!

John Stanton:
There are 78798 postings for "the" Surat family in Ancestry.com, many of them include a MARY.  So. this Mary Surat is someone's Mom., and obviously Not Mary E Surratt, nee Jenkins. She does look like the First Picture - to me.

Hohle is the German word for "cave" or "cavern."

Roger Norton:
Thanks, Roger. The German pronunciation is here.

If someone on the forum thinks it should be pronounced differently there are directions on that website for you to change it.


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