What if Herold had not abandoned Powell at Sewards mansion?

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I know we can only speculate on the "What if" part of this question.  I am curious as to what people here think that had Herold not "left Powell to fate" what may have happened.

Do you feel that having Powell along for the get away would have helped or somewhat even hindered Booth more in his escape?

I love seeing the discussions that can come from you all on these subjects and hope that my rare questions are worthwhile subjects for discussion  ;D.

For the kind of escape they were attempting, I think two is the perfect number. I think any additional people would have been a hindrance. Speed and stealth were what they needed, and I'm not sure how Powell would have helped in that respect. One additional person might not have been too bad, but if all four of them had tried to escape together, I think it would have been a real mess. That said, I'm not sure Herold abandoned Powell. Especially after reading Alias Payne, I don't think Powell needed any help finding his way around the city. There was a big thread about all that not too long ago. I think Powell might have been planning to go to Baltimore.

I think Powell had a bit of trouble finding his way around the city. At least that is what I got from Betty's book

Wesley Harris:
A few months ago we discussed the fact that there's zero evidence that Herold accompanied Powell to Seward's.

Any evidence that Herold "guided" Powell to Seward's?


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