Occasional Papers, Vol. 1, #3.

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"Occasional Papers" Vol.1, #3.
"Meet The Boothies"
An indept biography of modern day researchers of the "Abraham Lincoln Assassination" and how their findings cleared up many misconceptions as what we THOUGHT we knew about John Wilkes Booth and the assassination of Lincoln.
This , our Third Issue, will be available on July 7, 2012
Price is $15.95, postage included.
This is a Limited Edition of "Occasional Papers", so don't miss out!
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Here is an excerpt, a "teaser", if you will.

Throw into the mix the pro/con authors:  The ones that supported Mary Surratt's innocence in print include Helen Jones Campbell, Guy W. Moore, David Miller DeWitt, Charles J. Bauer, and Elizabeth Trindal.  In 2008, however, Dr. Kate Clifford Larson was the first to dedicate a book solely to rebutting those opinions.
Those who wrote that Booth escaped Garrett’s burning barn include David Balsiger, Charles E. Sellier, Jr., Finis Bates, W.C. Jameson, Izola Forrester, the team of Leonard F. Guttridge and Ray Neff, Bernice Babcock, and a few others.
The authors who have written on the evidence against Dr. Samuel A. Mudd have included Edward Steers, Jr. and Samuel Carter III.  Those who have defended the innocence of Mudd include John E. McHale, Jr. and Michael W. Kauffman.  Taking a more moderate stance is author R.K. Summers, a descendant of Dr. Mudd.
This personal assessment of the progress of studies on the Lincoln assassination over the past century is intended to show how challenging the field has become.  We and future researchers will have to compare the “spins” that certain authors make on the story, digest their information and the data that backs up their beliefs, and decide whether or not their opinions are adequately supported by facts.

The criteria I used for this article included questions such as:  What was the catalyst or event that started your interest in the study of the Lincoln assassination?  What discoveries if any, did you un-earth regarding the Lincoln assassination? Are you currently working on any projects?  I also found most, but not all of the "Boothies", were post-World War II or "baby-boomers."  I received a terrific response from nearly everyone who was contacted; and if I left anyone out who felt he/she deserved to be mentioned, I apologize.
The following is an introduction to all of the people who responded, straight from their keyboard, so to speak. The others that didn't or couldn't respond (due to their demise) are recognized in remembrances provided by others.

I have now featured profiles on 26 "Boothies", and we will change the cover "splash"!


I, (we) am back on schedule, after a few minor alterations, and "Occasional Papers" will be available to mail out by July 7th.!

You guy's/gal's, are gonna love it! (I promise)!  ;)

My wife reminded me that I returned about 4-5 checks last week, when I thought the publication was going to be delayed a few weeks from the original date.

So, if you recieved them back, send 'em again, as I think we're back on schedule. Sorry about that, I just don't like holding on the folk's money that long without delivering the goods!

     This sounds very interesting, especially with regards to the pro/con angle and discoveries the authors have made during their research. One thing that has always amazed me is Mr. Kauffman's theory on how Booth broke his leg. Taken for gospel for 130 + years he did it in his jump at Ford's, one man's 2+2 turned all that on it's ear.

      Sounds great and I can't wait! Save one for me.

Finals corrections made, with a few "surprising" editions!

Going to the printer tomorrow, hopefully I'll have it back by Thursday.

Thanks for the pre-orders, and this will be a Limited Special Edition, a one-of-a-kind!

Don't miss out, once there gone, there GONE!

Check EBay in a couple of years!  ;)


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