Theatre names in the Triangle

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I never gave it much thought, but it just occured to me that here in Raleigh we have the Lincoln Theatre, while right next door in Cary they have the Booth Amphitheatre. Anybody else just think that's kind of messed up??   ;)

Mr Hess:
I did not know that,and I live in the Triangle too!
But only for the last year and a half.....

What part of the area do you live in? I believe there are at least a couple of others on this forum that live here. I had thought about at some point having an informal get together of locals and have a little assassination chat.

Rick Miller:
Count me in----I've lived in Raleigh since 1967.....

Sure thing Rick, I'll try and find out how many more of us are on here and we'll make it happen at some point here. I know there are at least 4 of us.


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