Tidwell's Booth Crosses the Potomac


I've been trying to locate a copy of William Tidwell's article "Booth Crosses the Potomac: An Excercise in Historical Research".  The only copy I have been able to find on-line was through some service requiring an academic connection to register, I believe.  Does anyone have an idea where I can get my hands on a copy?

wild bill:
It was in Civil War History, 36 (No. 4, 1990), 325-33. Go to your nearest big academic library and get the issue off the shelf and and copy it.

JS Banning:

If you send me your email i will send you a copy.


JS Banning:
It's winging it's way to you as I write.


Thanks, Joe, it is very interesting and lays out the reasoning behind Tidwell's conclusion that Booth's first (and unsuccessful) attempt to cross the Potomac was on the night of Friday April 21, a conclusion which later found its way into "Come Retribution".  Ed Steers, of course, instead cocludes that the first attemt was made the previous night, Thursday, April 20.  Upon different occasions I have convinced myself of the accuracy of both viewpoints, and in the end am left undecided.


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