Mary Surratt and Victorian Womanhood

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Great job on you article in the Courier! It was very informative. I go back and forth with Mary's complicity in the assasination plot. The kidnapping plot, I'd say she was aware of. When it turned to murder  ???   


     I like it too, Lindsey. Great job. Congratulations!!

Was a great article indeed

I recieved my copy of the Courier yesterday, (seems it arrives late West of the Mississippi)
Very good article on Mrs. Surratt, Ms. Horn.

Philip G:
a very informative & interesting article. 

Mary Surratt, a Victorian Age Woman, got a really bad deal ultimately with the death penalty. But another Victorian Woman, Lizzie Borden, got a great deal.  She was never convicted of the crime of murdering her father & stepmother even though may experts believe she did it.  Different case, different time, different situation but I believe I read or heard somewhere that a woman in the Victorian Age could never commit such a grisly crime.


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