Sunday Survey, 15, July 2012

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Time for some levity! ;)

The question:

"If you were on Jeopardy, what final Jeopardy category would you bet everything on, regarding the Lincoln assassination?"

Remember, rely on what you THINK you know. You might be challenged otherwise!

John Watson:
Last words of Lincoln, Mary Surratt, Lewis Powell, George Atzerodt and David Herold.

     Booth's actions between 10th. St and Baptist Alley.

Your answer has to be in a form of a question! i.e., "What was Booth's actions between 10th St and Baptist Alley", THEN you supply the answer.
Play it like the TV show. ;)

     O.K., now I get it. "What was Booth's actions between 10th St and Baptist Alley"

     Enters the lobby several times, asking the time. Enters after 10:00pm, may have asked Buckingham for a bite of chewing tobacco. Grabs Buck's outstretched fingers, (looking for a ticket) and says - "You'll not want a ticket from me, Buck". Opens the parquet doors and surveys the lower level of the house. Goes up the stairs, humming a tune. Squeaks by several folks who have moved into the aisle - pissing them off in the process. May have had a word or two with a man leaning against the wall he has to pass. Moves toward the box. Stops - surveys the house. Moves slowly toward Forbes and produces something from his pocket. Writes on it and gives it to Forbes. Forbes may or may not have taken it into the box. Enters the box hall, bars the door. Enters the box, shoots Lincoln and says something - "Freedom" according to Rathbone. Is charged by Rathbone and stabs him. Makes for the rail, brushes against Mary when his coat is grabbed again by Rathbone. Slashes backward with the knife, puts both hands on the rail, jumps with his boots to the right, kicks the Washington engraving askew, leaps out, snags the Treasury Guards flag which was draped under the rail with his spur as he falls and lands slightly off balance. Rises to his feet, shouts "Sic Semper Tyrannis" and maybe "The South is Avenged" runs towards the exit, shakes the knife as he passes stage right and says, "I have done it". Encounters Withers and slashes at him, knocking him down. (I forget what he said to Withers) Gets out the back door, yells at Peanut John - "Give me that horse". Brains him with the butt of the knife, mounts and heads south.

     Did I miss anything? 


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