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Author Topic: an update on a posting from two years ago  (Read 366 times)
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« on: July 16, 2012, 06:00:51 AM »

Nearly two years ago I posted a small piece about a post-assassination incident in California. A local paper just ran a piece about it.

“Secessionists Rejoicing in California,” DAVENPORT (IA) DAILY GAZETTE, April 27, 1865. “San Francisco, April 26. The military authorities have arrested 12 or 15 men in Solona and Calusa counties for rejoicing in the assassination of President Lincoln. Upon the receipt of the news of the President’s death at Green Valley in Selma county, a number of secessionists met to rejoice over the event. A body of troops was sent to break up the meeting, but as they approached the ring leaders of the secessionists fortified themselves in a house and fired at the soldiers, wounding two of them. The fire was returned by the soldiers and several of the secessionists were wounded. The whole party then surrendered.”

The article from the Contra Costa TIMES is online at:
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