Surratt Arrested in Maryland in 1863.

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John Watson:
The following item first appeared in the Port Tobacco Times and was then reprinted in the Baltimore Sun on June 1, 1863:

WHOLESALE ARRESTS OF CITIZENS - On the third of May, Luther A. Martin, Dr. S. W. Dent, and P. A. Simpson, of this county, were arrested by the military and brought to this village.  On the same day J. H. Padgett, from Bryantown, Dr. Wyvill and ____ Surratt, from Prince George's, were also brought in.  We could not learn any particulars more than that they were charged generally with aiding, entertaining and assisting certain parties to run the blockade.  Padgett, Wyvill and Surratt had a hearing on last Saturday, and, we believe, were discharged on parole.  The others were held over until Monday, when Col. Maulsby finally decided to send them all to Point Lookout.  They were accordingly sent down the next morning in a steamer to await the determination of Gen. Lockwood in the matter. - Port Tobacco (MD) Times.

Surratt's first name is not given, however since John H. Sr. was already deceased, it would have to either be John H. Jr. or brother Isaac.

Steven G. Miller:
Dr. Wyvill was one of Conrad's message network that was called "The Doctor's Line."

Joe Gleason:
It very well could have been John  who was arrested with Dr. Wyvill in Port Tobacco.

Brooke Stabler; May 2, 1865
I am able to inform you this morning of Dr. Wyvill's residence ( and to be particular; he lives just below Surrattsville); my book shows that on the 22nd of (April *) he left, with his bill unpaid; he ( Wyvill ) and Surratt with the others held those conferences of which I made mention yesterday because it was on the 29th of March that Booth ( and the last man caught ) paid the livery for 15 days livery for two horses which said Surratt authorized me to do some time previously and from the first of the horses being here, he, Surratt told me to let no one have the horses in his absence but Booth.    (Poore I;176, 203, Pitman 71)

From The Evidence pg. 1230 / Dr. E.N. Wyvill pg. 1453
List of names found among letters addressed to John H. Surratt;
E. N. Wyvill


John Watson:
That's very interesting, Joe.  I had never heard of Dr. Wyvill - or if I did see mention of him somewhere in the testimony etc., it didn't stick.  He was obviously involved with Surratt in something or other, and for a considerable period it appears, but I don't recall his name mentioned among those suspected of involvement in the kidnap plot.  Do you think he was?

Joe Gleason:
Although no cause of arrest is given, Dr Wyvill's name does appear on a list of prisoners detained at the Old Capitol. Date of arrest is April 27, 1865 and was released on May 3, 1865. The Evidence pg. 552.

John, I placed the coordinates for Dr. Wyvill's, Danville and Pleasant Springs on the list. Wyvill's place was about a mile from Danville. The latter two fall directly on the route that George Atzerodt laid out for authorities as he tried to explain Booth's request of him to show them the way to Maryland Point by going through T.B to  Bumpy Oak.  MD. Point is at Nanjemoy, which is where the Presidents carriage would have been taken had the kidnap succeeded. It's really anybody's guess whether or not Dr. Wyvill was the "Dr. Mudd" of the kidnap route. He is suspiciously close though. ::)  Use the T.B. coordinate as well to help get your bearings.

Gus Howell was also part of this group according to Atzerodt's statement.  


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