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Sometime ago, a suggestion was made to create a "day by day account" of the conspirators movements at the time of Lincoln's second Inaugural, in order to determine whether or not they were even in Washington City. Some are "for"
but most are "against" them being in the city, let alone at the ceremony as the the Kunhardt claim in the book Twenty Days.

Can anyone give sources that would support them being anywhere else but Washington at the time of Lincoln's Inaugural?

What say you?

     This is out of my league Randal, but judging only from the photos, the only one I'd feel comfortable with saying was there is Powell. It just really looks like him to me. The hat, the big chew in his mouth, etc.

I agree with you Joe, I thinks it's Powell also.

Since I have not looked at that photo for a while I had to bust out the Kunhardt's book and examine it. Like Joe, the only one with a resemblence to any of the conspirators is Powell. Herold is a possibility, but doubtful. The fellow that the Kunhardt's believe to be Surratt is wearing a uniform...looks like the hat he is wearing is either a Bummer, or a McDowall. As far as I know the only military service that Surratt ever saw was in the Papal guards under Pope Pius IX (He could have been in the militia?). I believe that his brother Isaac served in the Confederate Army. The fellow that they claim might be Atzerodt offers no resemblence that I can see. As far as Spangler being we all know he wasn't even one of the conspirators.

Rick Smith:
B Corbett,

You are correct regarding John Surratt's military service.  Apart from working for the Confederate Secret Service, he saw military service with the Papal, or Pontifical, Zouaves under the name of John Watson.   Surratt was enrolled as a Zouave 3rd class in Co. C of the 3rd Regiment in 1865.

Isaac Surratt had come home to Surratsville from Baltimore in March of 1861 and announced that he was going to Texas.  At San Antonio on May 4, 1862, Isaac enlisted in Co. A of the Texas Partisan Dragoons under the command of James M. Duff.  The command was also known as Duff's Partisan Rangers. 



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