August Surratt Courier


Just recieved my last Surratt Courier today, it has two excellent articles.
First, Dave Taylor's article titles: "Michael O'Laughlen: Quilter", a little history of Mike growing up and his mother, Mary Anne.

Next up is an article I've been wanting someone to write about, and that is an article by Jim Garrett on Willie Jett.
He sums it up nicely with "The events of April 1865, threw a young man, Willie Jett, into a most unwelcome spotlight.Had it not been for his run in with Booth and Herold,Willie would most likely have lived out his life in near obscurity".

So true, as with a lot of characters involved in the assassination.

Good job by both gents. ;)

Thank you for the acknowledgement.  I had one typo and one correction.  The soldier that David Herold and Absolom Bainbridge stayed with was Joseph Clark (not Carter) He was in the 43rd Virginia (Mosby).  The house is long gone.



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