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Let me see if I have this right. According to the Philip Henson bio on Wikepedia, President Grant asked Henson to investigate the assassination of Lincoln and Henson presumedly did, and Grant allegedly didn't release the results of Henson's report. However, it was said the investigation by Henson took 20 years to complete, and Grant was long dead by the time of Henson's completion.
So, are we to assume the reason why Grant didn't release it is because it wasn't conclusive, incomplete, or just not factual?

If the above statement, about completeing his investigation, that it took 20 years to complete is true, then surely Grant didn't have all the facts, thus his reason for not releasing the report.

Sorry, this is confusing to me. Help me out here Mr. Stelnick, or anyone!



I too have problems with the Wiki posting.  Wiki in general has issue since individuals can edit material pretty willy-nilly.  that being said, I have many questions about Mr. Henson and his report.  I also have questions about Water Street in general.   Mr. Stelnick is playing his sources close to his vest and I am guessing that he will reveal some of his insight in the upcoming Courior article.   

I believe that the articles posted on Wikipedia on Henson, Demille, and Water St. are the product of Mr. Stelnick.  I will therefore reserve judgment an the  veracity of statements until I can look at more information and documentation.

The Henson papers that may exist in the Grant Archive is one approach I've taken in writing to NARA and LOC asking what they have on file.  Im waiting for an answer, Im sure it will take a while.   It would be nice to be able to cross reference the DR material against known documentation., but  that isnt happening for while, I'm afraid.   The role of Judah Benjamin and others has long interested me but here the paper trail really disappears.  The money- some can be followed some of it can't be.  The CSA secret service/mail route/torpedo bureau is also worth looking at.  Again we have a paucity of records to look at.  Recollections are fine and useful but can't always be taken at face value.  The "real workers" probably never talked and never felt a need to explain their actions.  Periodically I peruse the Southern Historical Papers looking for points of interest.  It is interesting that some of the fun things Ive looked at and thought about have come from discussions with other SS (Surrratt Society) members, asking me questions or thinking out loud.

Thanks John.
I agree with the Wiki postings, (anyone can write anything).
If Henson's detective missions took him 20 years to complete, then it's a foregone conclusion that Grant never saw it.
(at least the final draft).

I only assumed Grant requested it when he became President. I thought Stanton was running the show, i.e. assassination investigation. Perhaps Stanton delegated this to Grant shortly after the assassination?

Civil Warrior:
As you may or may not be aware, thanks to Laurie Verge of The Surratt Society, an excerpt from Dixie Reckoning; There's Spirits Mingling In Heaven With The Godly, appears as an article in the January 2010 issue of The Surratt Courier. It will answer your questions about Grant & Henson, and especially and in particular, why the results of their inquiry into Lincoln's Assassination were never released. As always, I will give one and all a clue and/or hint as follows: Was it politically correct or politically incorrect?


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