Just found this message board!


I was Googling around to see if there was any new scholarship out there on Sarah Slater, found the OLD message board (which I'd not known about) and from there, followed the link to the new board.

Glad to see this board is in existence and to see old friends like Laurie Verge and Steven Miller on here.

For those who don't know me, I'm a Booth geek for a couple of reasons. My house is on the escape route (Booth  & Herold had dinner in the room I'm sitting in as I type this) and I do historical documentary work for a living.  Worked on the PBS American Experience documentary "Assassination of  Lincoln", National Geographic's "The Hunt for Lincoln's Assassin" (which also filmed here), Discovery's "Plots Against Lincoln" (brief Ford's theatre re-creation), History Channel's "Psychic History" pilot. "The Persistence of Dreams" (IMAX short filmed @ Ford's with an actor that did the 12 foot jump!), and a couple others. Didn't get to work on "The Conspirator", alas -- by the time I found out about it, they already had extras casting covered and didn't particularly want reenactors, although one of my associates / former tenant at Cleydael got to do some propmaking for the show and another colleague got to work in wardrobe for the military scenes.

Really glad this board is here - invaluable resource, particularly with the caliber of historians involved.

Rob Wick:
Glad to see Kathryn here. I was one of the fortunate ones to be interviewed at Cleydael for "The Hunt for Lincoln's Assassin". While the house is surrounded with modern homes, it's location still allows one to get the feel of what it was like in the 1860s. Kathryn, how is your sheep that thinks it's a dog? Forgive me, but I don't remember its name.


Hi Kathryn, Glad you found us.

I met you on Mike Kauffman's last engagement for the Surratt House Escape Tour. I loved that house!, and the horses!

Glad your on board!

Randal Berry

Hi Rob, Hi Randal!

Agnes, the sheep that thinks she's a dog, is all grown up now (she was still a youngster when we filmed the Nat Geo interviews in June 2006) and is the grande dame of a small flock, consisting of herself, one other sheep: Arni, a Suffolk wether, and two goats: Truman, a wethered Nigerian dwarf and Alabama, a Boer goat. As she has companions, it's now safe for her to live outdoors and she's no longer a house-sheep like she was when she was just a lamb.  She still a little miffed at not living inside anymore ("all the OTHER dogs get to come inside!!") and knocks on the door a lot. Sometimes gets to come back in as a special treat, but no for long. It's impossible to house-break sheep and we have to put diapers on her, and now that she's full grown and a little portly, even the ultra-fat lady size of Depends doesn't quite fit her.

Wilkes, the Standardbred foal who was born at Cleydael in 2005 is also doing fine and is all grown up. For those unaware of the story, we adopted his mother and grandmother -- both ex-racehorse track rescues, and unbeknownst to us, his mother was in foal. As a maiden mare, she didn't show at all -- although we had the vet check her a couple times because first we had trouble keeping weight on her and then she got very fat -- wondered if she was pregnant but the vet said no.  Then, early one morning (April 16, 2005) when Jeff the farm manager went out to feed the horses, there, in the stall with his mother was a soaking wet, just-born foal -- a total surprise.  We named him Wilkes because what else would you call a surprise visitor to Cleydael!  :-)


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