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Roger Norton:
I do not know if Mr. Huntt's home is in the picture (perhaps Laurie can clarify that) but this is indeed T.B.  The picture is from Osborn Oldroyd's book (copyright 1901).  Booth and Herold passed through T.B. after leaving Surrattsville, and David Herold had stayed there the night of April 13, 1865.

Roger Norton:
Laurie, I considered using the word NIGHTSHIRT as a hint, but I thought that would have made it too easy for you.  Don't worry, you're not the only one with aging eyes...pass the Restasis please.

Us new-timers think he didn't go straight to Mudd's  ::)

Just wait until my Smoot booklet comes out, it explains my "theory" on it . I answer all possible combinations why Booth wouldn't have gone to Mudd's, excepting his medical condition. And, I dispell all reasons why authors think why Booth went to Mudd's, broken leg or not. It's really very simple, and has been there all along. As much as I hate to admit it, it's Rick Stelnick's theory of  "hiding in plain sight", under our nose, so to speak.  Hang on, it won't be long. (or as the doctor say's, this will only hurt a little bit).


rich smyth:
What do the steamer "State of Maine," and the sidewheeler USS Florida have to do with the conspiracy?


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