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Author Topic: How come the Cartwright's aren't in assassination books?  (Read 345 times)
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I just finished watching "Bonanza" on TV Land.

Seem's like Little Joe fell for a saloon dance hall chick, and she for him, however, she had bigger aspirations and convinced Little Joe of that. Well, Little Joe went to his older bro, Adam, who just happened to know Edwin Booth, (as they were long tme friends.)
 Adam contacts Edwin, who was in San Francisco, to come to the Ponderosa to see this "upcoming star". Edwin comes ito see her stage act, and later at the Ponderosa, Little Joe, Adam, and Ben, ask Booth for his opinion of her "act" while Booth explaining that she wasn't talented enough for the stage, Ben offer's Booth a shot of Brandy, which, of course he takes!

Long story short, Booth see's her again at the saloon and offers her the lead part in "Bohemian Girl" currently in production in San Francisco. Little Joe is broken-hearted as the chick leaves him for fame and glory. Poor Little Joe..... Angry

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